POINTS awarded per post 5 10

5 points= Rs 1 Recharge Credit

  1. Post Questions, Items and earn points. And you can cash these points to get MOBILE RECHARGE.
  2. To enjoy this service you need to be a registered member of ZeetaZone ,so please sign up.
  3. In case of Question bank,Points will be awarded only for unique questions.ie.(The questions which are not already present on our site)
  4. you can recharge any amount which ever is provided by your operator (like Rs 10, Rs 20 ,or Rs 25 and so on ).We wil just diduct that amount from your earning and remaining amount wiil be as your balance.
  5. We will check all your posts before awarding you Recharge. If you are found cheating with us, All you points will be taken back and no recharge will be given.